I'm running for Westchester County Democratic Committee Chair - Bill Serratore

William J. Serratore
Aug 06 2020

August 3, 2020

Fellow District Leaders:

I am writing to announce that I am running to become the next Chair of the Westchester County Democratic Committee. The election will take place on September 17th when we district leaders gather for a convention vote.

As the son of immigrants, I grew up seeing what the destructive power of being cast aside and “othered” does, which is why I have always fought to defeat those forces that infringe on our basic human rights. The Democratic Party has a long and illustrious history of fighting to fulfill those rights for all. That is one of the main reasons I am a proud Democrat.

I am also a proud District Leader. For the last 12 years, I have come to understand and respect the duties of the position. We are the “worker bees” behind the party operation. I know that the “real” power of the party is derived from the district leaders. And I salute all of you who have woken up at 4:00 am to canvass a train station or gone out to get signatures for petitions on a cold day in February.

As a party, it’s time to recognize the will and desire of the electorate and be able to evolve with it. When we look around our county, we must recognize that inclusion makes us stronger and we must strengthen, not abandon, those who have the desire and the will to join us.

When I’m Chair, these are some of the priorities I’ll work to advance within our committee:

✓ Embrace new progressive policies that promote democracy
✓ Implement true representation not tokenism
✓ Real transparency
✓ Effective communication among all committees
✓ Modernize the by-laws
✓ Revamp our website to ensure it presents a positive, progressive face for the Democratic Party
✓ Develop a dynamic social media presence with countywide DL participation
✓ Elevate fundraising efforts to fully support endorsed candidates’ campaigns

As we approach the most critical election of our lifetime to save the soul of our country, I vow to fight for these values in the continued effort against the Trump agenda:

✓ Equal rights, civil rights in all manner and form. Black Lives do indeed matter.
✓ Legislation that allows one to worship the God of their choice and love the person of their choice.
✓ Every woman has the right to make her own health decisions and be paid the same as a man for doing the exact same job.
✓ Fight against rising extremism with science and facts.

Together, we can build and transform this committee into something that we will not only all be proud of but can be a new model for other committees.

On September 17th, I ask for your support through your vote, but would like to look beyond to how we can work together as a team. My service to this committee is about planting the seeds for the next few years so we can strengthen our party for our future leaders.

I will always remember and never forget that the Chair of the Committee is elected by its members to work for the party, and not the other way around!

Thank you for your trust. My door will always be open (masks provided), and my phone will always (be charged and) stay on.


William “Bill” Serratore
Chair, Mt. Kisco Democratic Committee
Father, Husband and Disney Fan

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